The Digital HR Solution Your Company Needs

Hafetz and Associates saves businesses money and time by delivering cutting-edge digital HR solutions.

EaseHR is the affordable HR solution offered to our client healthcare groups with 20-75 employees. With EaseHR, your HR admin can easily streamline and digitize your HR processes to better support your employees. 

EaseHR Benefits

  • One Login—Employees only need one login and password for onboarding, benefits, & HR.
  • Increase Engagement—Employers can easily engage employees with mobile HR tools and push notifications.
  • Leverage Existing Data—Once an employee is set up in Ease, their information is synced across the entire system.
  • Stay Compliant—Employers can manage HR policies online so it’s easy for groups to follow company policies.

EaseHR Features

Time-Off Management—HR administrators will be able to:

  • Set up holidays and manage custom PTO policies.
  • Review PTO for everyone in the company.
  • Metrics—Data in EaseHR can be leveraged by administrators to make companywide decisions. 

With EaseHR, decision makers can have: 

  • Comprehensive HR data all in one place.
  • Data broken down by organization, distribution, diversity, and growth.
  • Org Chart—Administrators can easily manage workflow charts.

They also will have the ability to:

  • See teams broken down by employees and their managers.
  • Assign employees a manager within the org chart.

To learn more about EaseHR, watch this video and call Hafetz and Associates today!



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