Hafetz – The Better Choice Over PEO’s

October 1, 2020

An increasing number of businesses are being approached by Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) to assist in handling their employee health insurance needs. While PEO’s make attractive sales pitches about their services, we believe that we at Hafetz and Associates offer the clearly better choice.

Our commitment is to use our experience and knowledge to provide the highest quality, personalized and accessible service at an excellent value. As we strive to be our industry’s best on a daily basis, we remain devoted to our family, our colleagues and our communities.

We continually invest vast resources in updating our technology with advanced industry applications that not only improve our ability to service our clients with the latest tools in the industry, but also allows us to provide solutions to keep our clients businesses in the forefront of technology and on the cutting edge of their industries.


At Hafetz, our online benefits enrollment platform is powered by your broker and integrated with your other HR technology solutions. This means we can

offer your company a singular integrated system of records for benefits and HR, and a platform where employees can enroll in benefits entirely online.

Our platform also enables you to work with the best in breed for each aspect of HR: payroll, consumer-driven benefits, voluntary benefits, and more. Our payroll connections allow you to sync your benefits and payroll, making it easier to add new employees, manage changes, and keep employee records, PTO and vacation tracking up to date.

With PEOs, your employees do receive access to a system and can enroll in benefits completely online, but the PEO administers the entire solution. And, because PEOs manage their services entirely through one system including payroll, you’ll have to switch your entire solution to work with a new provider in the event you have issues with the payroll feature.

Highly Personalize Service and Expertise 

Only at Hafetz and Associates will you experience the personalized, one-on-one assistance and expertise that allows us to customize a health plan for your specific needs. We listen to what works and what does not; explore new carriers or plan types you can offer your employees; and customize a benefits offering based on the traits of your staff’s average age, company size, and location.

PEO’s, on the other hand, typically lack personalized service. Although many PEOs offer customer support, it’s not in-person. Employees have to rely on chat services and phone calls if they have questions.

Additionally, with a deep understanding of the local healthcare market, we can assist your employees during open enrollment, and as experts on plan design and claims management, we are well-positioned to advise you on reducing cost helping employees pick the best plan for their family.

With PEOs, co-employment may enable competitive rates, but it also means that plans and costs are based on all of the groups they employ, not just yours. Therefore, the lower premiums and deductibles may not be aligned with your business’s unique needs. Additionally, PEOs charge an unemployment tax based on all of their employers. Therefore, a small local business may be charged the same as a big corporation.

At Hafetz and Associates our mission is to be the most successful provider of employee health products and services by offering our clients innovative, cutting-edge ideas tailored to meet their specific needs. Through personal attention and customer service, our goal is not only to be a consultant to our clients, but a trusted advisor.



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