Visit us in the Metaverse

Hafetz & Associates is a member of, the first legal district in the Metaverse. We created a Metaverse office to provide an alternative way to connect with current clients, reach future clients, and host private meetings and public events.

The increase in digital businesses calls for a need for employee benefits providers to be their trusted advisors as they scale for growth. It is our pleasure to help your business explore benefit plans, for both physical and digital brands.

What is the Metaverse?

The term ‘metaverse’ combines the worlds ‘meta’ and ‘universe.’ It is the evolution of the internet; fully realized worlds with user-driven economies that can translate to real- world currency. The Metaverse is home to various 3-D or virtually integrated environments, and users can access virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

The Metaverse aims to become a global realm driven by real people, companies and their assets. Most of us are already on a classical 2D platform like apps or websites.

Thanks to the rise of various social technologies, we can now expand into a 3D network. The Metaverse leaves opportunities for entertainment, art, professional services, and much more.

Millions of people around the world have already experienced metaversal connectivity through online games. The Metaverse has expanded beyond gaming to include shopping, events, and professional services.

Ready to meet in the Metaverse?

Log into Decentraland and visit our Metaverse office today.

Visit our Metaverse Office

How to Access Decentraland

Log in with a desktop (faster PCs will improve the experience)

  • You have the option to enter as guest (good for 1st time users) or to link decentraland to wallet and create a permanent avatar.
  • No Headset required.
  • Can be accessed on browser.
  • Can only be accessed on a desktop computer.
  • Cannot be accessed on a mobile device.

Create Avatar & moving around:

  • Guest avatar settings will remain if a visitor does not clear history or cache.
  • Use your arrows and mouse to move around Decentraland.


(See button above for direct access)

  • Address is 38, -57 (use map on top right of screen to navigate if not using direct link)
  • Once at Buildings, look at the directory sign walk into the Veritas Tower
  • Enter the building, look for “stand here signage” and wait for the elevator to take you up to the 6th Floor.


  • To get back down to the first floor, walk to the elevator shaft and you will land on the elevator.
  • Ride the elevator down to the first floor and walk off.