Why should I know about the Hafetz & Associates Medical Billing Advocates?

Category(s): Group Insurance | December 26, 2019

We know how it is. Once a year you get an email or see a flyer from management that the benefits consultants are coming out for an enrollment or renewal meeting – discussing your current health insurance plan, addressing what plan you will have the following year, and answering any questions you may have. You sit […]

Hafetz and Associates Leads in Technology: HR Benefits Tech

Category(s): Technology | October 16, 2019

Hafetz and Associates offers leading technology, HR Benefits Tech and the best benefits technology solutions to give their clients a competitive edge. HR Benefits Tech provides automation, so clients feel confident knowing that the benefits election process is completed accurately, in less time, with less effort. Hafetz and Associates provides the best for its clients […]

Medicare Advantage (network-based plans) and Medicare Prescription Plans – Keeping Up With Annual Changes

Category(s): Advantage Plans, Medicare | October 09, 2019
Medicare Advantage and Prescription Changes

Every year Medicare Advantage (network-based plans) and Medicare Prescription plans change.  Now they can change everything from the premium, to the network, and the copays.  Its so important to make sure that you are looking to see each calendar year what the best benefit for you will be. Here at Hafetz and Associates we are […]

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