The Digital HR Solution Your Company Needs

Hafetz and Associates saves businesses money and time by delivering cutting-edge digital HR solutions.

EaseHR is the affordable HR solution offered to our client healthcare groups with 20-75 employees. With EaseHR, your HR admin can easily streamline and digitize your HR processes to better support your employees. 

EaseHR Benefits

  • One Login—Employees only need one login and password for onboarding, benefits, & HR.
  • Increase Engagement—Employers can easily engage employees with mobile HR tools and push notifications.
  • Leverage Existing Data—Once an employee is set up in Ease, their information is synced across the entire system.
  • Stay Compliant—Employers can manage HR policies online so it’s easy for groups to follow company policies.

EaseHR Features

Time-Off Management—HR administrators will be able to:

  • Set up holidays and manage custom PTO policies.
  • Review PTO for everyone in the company.
  • Metrics—Data in EaseHR can be leveraged by administrators to make companywide decisions. 

With EaseHR, decision makers can have: 

  • Comprehensive HR data all in one place.
  • Data broken down by organization, distribution, diversity, and growth.
  • Org Chart—Administrators can easily manage workflow charts.

They also will have the ability to:

  • See teams broken down by employees and their managers.
  • Assign employees a manager within the org chart.

To learn more about EaseHR, watch this video and call Hafetz and Associates today!



Hafetz and Associates Leads in Technology: HR Benefits Tech

Hafetz and Associates offers leading technology, HR Benefits Tech and the best benefits technology solutions to give their clients a competitive edge.

HR Benefits Tech provides automation, so clients feel confident knowing that the benefits election process is completed accurately, in less time, with less effort. Hafetz and Associates provides the best for its clients by using two platforms; Ease and Employee Navigator.

“These platforms aim at making the selection process easier for companies large and small; simplifying and streamlining the administration of their clients’ benefits with efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation,” explained Scott Hafetz, president of Hafetz and Associates.


Ease is an online benefits enrollment platform powered by brokers and integrated with other HR technology solutions; making the benefits election easier for companies and its employees. Ease eliminates paper forms, provides side-by-side plan comparisons, uses e-signatures and accesses real-time updates during open enrollment. Employers can also create and send offer letters, complete and e-sign W-4 and I-9 forms, and collect direct deposit information.

Employee Navigator:

Employee Navigator is a benefits HR and compliance software for brokers and their clients, providing a solution to manage everything from benefits administration to onboarding and PTO and vacation tracking to make running a business easier. Employee Navigator allows companies and agencies to extend the use of the application and for them to integrate other systems and access them all through one platform.



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