Why should I know about the Hafetz & Associates Medical Billing Advocates?

We know how it is. Once a year you get an email or see a flyer from management that the benefits consultants are coming out for an enrollment or renewal meeting – discussing your current health insurance plan, addressing what plan you will have the following year, and answering any questions you may have. You sit through their meeting as they go over the main benefits of your latest health insurance policy and you think, “Yeah, yeah, this all sounds fine. I don’t really use the insurance anyway.” You understand the gist of how your plan works and that is all well and good. You only go to the doctor once a year anyway for your physical or if you can’t shake that stingy flu. All of those examples that the benefits consultants discussed don’t really matter to you.

Flash forward a few months later to yourself in the Emergency Room with a crazy pain in your side and doctors telling you that you’ll have to have your gallbladder removed. The only thing you are concerned with in that moment is how are the doctors going to get the pain to stop. No thoughts about deductibles, or what your coinsurance or max out of pocket is – you just want the hospital staff to do whatever it takes to get you well.

You have emergency surgery, spend a few nights in the hospital and then you go home to recover before returning back to work. About a month later, bills from providers begin to clutter your mailbox! Physician bills, anesthesia bill, facility bill, etc. – each one seeking different sums of money. Why do you have so many bills? How is it that they are asking for so much money? I thought insurance was supposed to take care of all of this! 

Now. Hit the pause button and do not panic. Do you remember a few months back that the benefits consultants told you they have a dedicated team of Medical Billing Advocates that are there to help you with current medical bills? Time to reach out to a Medical Billing Advocate!

To reach the claims department, please send us your most recent related provider bill to claims@srhafetz.com. Once we have the claim(s), we’ll research it to make sure everything has processed properly according to your plan. If we find an issue, we’ll get it resolved and go over the details with you. We believe in not only making sure the claim is processed correctly, but that you understand why they processed as they did. Sometimes if everything has processed correctly, but it is still a lot of money that the provider is asking for, we can offer some tips to get that amount possibly lowered or see if it can be broken down to monthly payments. After our review of your claims, you may not necessarily owe any less, but you will know why you owe what you owe and have the peace of mind that your insurance worked the way it was supposed to and you will be confident in paying these bills.

Hafetz & Associates is here for you. Our claims department will make the calls and emails, establishing communication with the providers and insurance carriers for you –  saving you countless hours on the phone. At Hafetz & Associates, our Medical Billing Advocates are there to ensure that you do not pay one penny more than you should.

We know understanding your health insurance plan can be tough and our team is there to relieve you of the burden after you’ve been recently sick or injured. If you or loved ones have medical bills that need to be reviewed, please call our team today at 609-872-0001. Our Hafetz team is here for you!

Jen Cocoma
Hafetz & Associates Medical Billing Advocate Supervisor



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