Hafetz and Associates Awards $10,000 Fellowship to Cherry Hill Resident and Rutgers MBA Student Zaki Choudhury

(L-R): Hafetz and Associates President Scott R. Hafetz congratulates Rutgers MBA student Zaki Choudhury on being awarded the $10,000 Hafetz & Associates MBA Fellowship during a recent Rutgers basketball game.



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Linwood, NJ – February 21,
2020 – Hafetz and Associates recently awarded the Hafetz & Associates MBA Fellowship to Rutgers MBA student Zaki Choudhury.

“Hafetz and Associates is proud to be in a position to offer this Fellowship to further the education and entrepreneurial spirit of Zaki and other students from our South Jersey area,” said President Scott R. Hafetz.

 This is the inaugural year that the Hafetz & Associates MBA Fellowship has been made available to qualified Rutgers MBA students. Choudhury was chosen from a field of highly qualified applicants who met the Fellowship qualifications, which include: being a Rutgers MBA student from Southern New Jersey; maintaining a primary or secondary concentration in entrepreneurship; and achieving an overall GPA of 3.00 or better. Essays were also required to assist in the selection process. Choudhury, who hails from Cherry Hill, will graduate this year from the Rutgers MBA program.

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