Paul W. – Testimonial

Hi Harry,

       Thought you would like to know…the seminar was informative and very professional. The presentation took approximately 45 minutes and we were told reps would stay to answer questions one on one. 

        I made an appointment last week and met with Frank Brooks to answer more of my questions. They offer and explain ALL options. 

        I just got back from my last meeting today with Frank to sign up with Horizon (Medigap Policy Plan “N”) and a low cost pharmacy plan which will take effect April 1st along with my Medicare.

During the sign up process, Frank asked for my address and phone number. The reason I am stating this is because this was the FIRST time Hafetz had asked me for any kind of contact information.

I can’t stress enough how they didn’t pressure me or made me feel I was obligated to do business with them. They just present the truth and answer questions.¬†

I would recommend Hafetz and Associates to anyone who needs Medicare supplemental insurance because they are professional, extremely knowledgeable, and absolutely DO NOT PRESSURE!

¬†Feel free to forward this email to your friend Scott. I would have never known about them if it wasn’t for your show!

– Paul W.