Lyla V. – Testimonial

Nicole (Nardi) is marvelous, professional, compassionate, timely, integrity-filled, human of the best kind, unrelenting for the customer, humorous, a pure joy! That’s it in a nutshell. I’m sure you already know all of this about Nicole but just in case you don’t, you need to know. Bottom line – she kicks a## in the nicest way! Nicole keeps her word, and her follow-up is impeccable. Nicole changed my world!

How did we meet? Online “kinda”. I was looking for supplemental insurance for Medicare. I was also battling breast cancer at the same time and turning 65 – not a great combination to try and make your way through the maze of everything. I finally decided I was going to have to enter my simple information form “for supplemental quotes” on the internet. So I entered my email address, name and phone number in order to get quotes. To say I had a jaded opinion of what was going to happen the millisecond I pushed the enter button was an understatement. I took a deep breath, pressed enter and my phone started ringing, my email took on a life of its own.

I truly did not do anything for 24 hours, except read the emails and listen to voicemails. The voicemail I received from Nicole blew me away. Her voicemail was a little over 60 seconds and FILLED with great information by an extremely professional, well spoken, fact-filled person with a voice that sounded like your friend or next door neighbor. The information Nicole gave in that voicemail, calmed my fears and I reached out to Nicole.

The first chat was great and as I am sure if you have had any contact with Nicole she has such a joyful laugh as well. I told her my fears, thanked her for professional, fact-filled voicemail and let her know I needed help. I also let her know what was going on in my life and how things were going with Medicare enrollment and it was not going as easy as it should. Nicole was not bothered by any of this and quickly became my cheerleader. As a few people get stuck out in the world of the web in a vortex, that’s what happened to me when I enrolled in Medicare. I was taking radiation treatments for breast cancer, trying to get my Medicare number at the minimum if not the card so I could get my supplement insurance on board…vortex was not allowing progress with Medicare.

Nicole truly walked the walk with me and celebrated the victories as they came during the entire journey. My journey was not normal, as even several Medicare agents told me they had never seen an application “stuck” like mine. Nicole just keep pushing forward, calling and we got the number! To top it all off it always seemed at the perfect time I was gifted with one of Nicole’s uplifting laugh which is so natural.

 Why am I telling you all of this? I worked in a service industry where customer service was “the it” that made my company stand out in front of others. 
NICOLE is “the it” for your company, your brand! Nicole is “the real deal” and with a treasure like her on your team how could you go wrong. If by some small mishap you don’t personally know the treasure she is for you all – go sit down and chat with her for a minute. 

In this crazy COVID-19 time of our world changing daily what stills remains is customer service, loyalty, your promise – it’s important to celebrate our heroes, the ones that fight for you and the ones who make your day a little better because they cared.

I celebrate Nicole Nardi and I sincerely hope you will too!
Thank you for reading, stay safe and healthy. 
A very grateful customer,