National Exercise With Your Child Week

National Exercise With Your Child Week

National Exercise With Your Child Week runs the second week of August. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that regular physical activity in childhood and adolescence are important for promoting lifelong health and preventing various health conditions like childhood obesity, which has risen over the past two decades.

With the effort to counteract the childhood obesity epidemic, parents play the crucial role in monitoring their children’s diet, weight, and exercise activities. By taking part in National Exercise With Your Child Week, you can start some healthy habits that will keep your kids active and well. It also gives parents the perfect opportunity to get active and involved with their children!

Figuring out how to get your kids to exercise can be a challenge, since everyone is different in terms of what they like and parents have to juggle many other activities whether it’s school, work, or other family-related events!

One example from Assistant Office Manager Maria Pasalides is that she takes walks around the lake with her son Nick when he is home. “I’m glad he makes me do it, otherwise I wouldn’t go and I would be missing out on how beautiful it is at the lake and benefiting from the exercise!”

She also discovered one surprising way to get families outdoors—Pokémon Go. “I was so annoyed at Nick for always looking down at his phone on our walks, and he explained to me that he was playing the Pokémon Go app. When I told him to put it away he pointed out how almost everyone walking by also had the game up on their phones! I found it so amusing that a mom and dad pushing their kids in the stroller would both be playing it—I guess if in this instance Pokémon Go gets you to ‘go’ then I am all for it!”

The CDC recommends five fun activities for you and your family this National Exercise With Your Child Week:

Go for a walk: Walking can have wonderful benefits such as reduced blood pressure and increased bone strength. Go for a walk at a local park or even around the block. You can read our blog post on the health benefits of walking here.

Play tag: In addition to creating exciting, family-bonding experiences, a game of tag is an aerobic exercise that can also increase self-esteem.

Go for a swim: Swimming is fun, plus it’s an excellent way to build muscle tone and implement weight management.

Play soccer: A game of soccer with the family is perfect for reducing the sedentary time of your children and cholesterol.

Jump rope: Exercising with a jump rope has benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety. You can also make a competition out of it like who can jump rope 100 times first!

The CDC says that good exercise habits in youth can prevent issues later in life such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

For more tips on getting active for National Exercise with Your Child Week, the blog Mommy Poppins has a list of ideas that parents and kids can participate in together for exercise. What family activities do you participate in with your kids?

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