The Who’s Who of Health Insurance: Lisa Huggins, Office Manager

LisaHugginsApril 19th to 25th  is Administrative Professionals Week 2015, and we are celebrating in recognition of Lisa Huggins, the Office Manager at Hafetz and Associates.

For Huggins, being Office Manager means every day in the office is different from the one before. Huggins is involved in monitoring the work processes and evaluating their outcomes; overseeing computer and maintenance issues; overseeing the staff; running reports; heading up various projects; and being involved in the interview and hiring process. During audits, Huggins also has to provide information to carriers, handle escalated issues with brokers or clients, and make sure that everyone at Hafetz and Associates is up-to-date on the newest health care news and information.

But Office Manager isn’t the only job Huggins has at Hafetz and Associates; she is also the Account Executive Supervisor, which means she has approve and schedule days of the other account executives, as well as provide assistance with their workloads. She also provides input on the development of policies and procedures.

“It’s necessary to be organized and have a list of priorities in order to maintain a good balance,” Huggins says on keeping a harmony between the two jobs. “There are times though, in order to do that, I must also ask for assistance. That can be hard for me because I like to be able to accomplish my duties without having to put someone else out. We have a great group of people here and we work as a team, and everyone is willing to pitch in and help me or anyone else in any department.”

Her main challenge is the universal work-life balance. “I have a big family, so sometimes I feel pulled in a lot of different directions.” Like her colleagues, Huggins’s job has been affected by the Affordable Care Act. While the Consultants have to stay on top of the constantly-evolving changes in the law, and the Billing Advocates have to constantly educate themselves with the ever-altering Health Care plans, Huggins’s main concern is making sure that she is aware of all the developments that take place so that she can effectively run the office and assist her co-workers.

Working at Hafetz and Associates is never the same each day, and that’s what Huggins loves most about her job. “I get to interact with everyone in the office, not just a particular department of people. I also get to help people solve their issues, and that’s a good feeling when you can make someone smile or feel better about a situation.”

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